Data movement from MySQL on-premises to Azure SQL Database using Azure Data Factory code-free copy wizard

  I’ve never blogged in the past about Azure Data Factory, one of the most powerful services available in Cortana Intelligence Suite, useful to orchestrate data movement and transformation of data that reside on-premises and in the cloud. I am using it since Microsoft launched the service and ... [More]

ROUNDTABLE: La piattaforma Microsoft Cloud - dal cloud ibrido fino alle soluzioni avanzate per l’analisi dei dati – Roma – 30 maggio 2016

  [PLEASE NOTE that this post is in Italian language as it is targeted for a local audience]   Ciao a tutti, vi segnalo una Roundtable a tema Cloud che terremo il prossimo 30 maggio a Roma, presso la sede Microsoft. Trovate sotto tutti i dettagli. ABSTRACT Durante il workshop affrontere... [More]